dijous, 12 de març de 2015

Have you got anything that brings you GOOD LUCK?


On March 17th, we celebrate Saint Patrick's day. It's a tradition that comes from Ireland. We all wear in green. Why? Because...

  • green is one of the colours of the Irish flag, 
  • in Ireland everything is green (mountains, landscapes...), 
  • green is the colour of spring (remember, it starts on the 20th March) 
  • and green is the colour of the sharmrock
Talking about food, on Saint Patrick's day, we always eat corned beef and cabbage. It comes from the past, Originally, the traditional meat eaten on St. Patrick's in Ireland is Irish bacon (not corned beef), but Irish immigrants to the United States and could not pay Irish bacon, so they substituted it by corned beef, which is cheaper.

Here you can see a video of a big performance in Chicago:


The St. Patrick's Day leprechaun is an Irish fairy. Most fairies are delicate and pretty, but this one sure isn't! He looks like an old man and stands at around two feet tall. Dressed in head-to-toe green, he has a pair of pointy ears and carries a big stick called a shillelagh, which he uses to scare anyone who tries to steal his gold. He prefers to be alone and spends his time either making shoes or searching for gold. 
 This leprechaun is one lucky guy. How else would you explain the fact that he finds the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? With that much gold, he can travel around the world as many times as he wants, or buy anything his heart desires - and still have lots of dough left over.
The St. Paddy's Day is  old, short and a little green - literally.  If you catch sight of him and keep your eyes locked, he can't escape from your clutches. You can even force him to reveal thesecret location of his precious pots of gold and he'll have no choice but to spill the beans! But this sneaky leprechaun has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to make you look away just long enough for him to vanish, so you'll never know the treasures.
Have you ever seen him? Let us know!

divendres, 20 de febrer de 2015

What's the present you would like to receive in Saint Valentine's?

You know that on 14th Februrary is Saint Valentine's Day. Girls and boys give lovely presents to each other: chocolates, flowers, cards...

Here you can see a lovely Lip-Dub:

Enjoy it and answer the question :)

dilluns, 12 de gener de 2015

What are your goals for this new year?

Twenty fifteen is here and there are lots of things to do and to improve! What about you? 

I would like to...

divendres, 7 de novembre de 2014

Do you know something about THANKSGIVING? Who would you celebrate it with?

It's a tradition celebrated in United States and Canada. In USA is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November. It's originated in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They celebrated being thankful about the excellent harvest. The colonists arrive in America and they were invited by the natives and they ate all together.

diumenge, 5 d’octubre de 2014

What's the most frightening trick you've ever made/suffered at Halloween?

You know that on 31th October we celebrate (as English students) HALLOWEEN.

This is a typical festivity that comes from Ireland. It includes trick-or-treating, constume parties, decoration, carving pumpkins into Jack-o'-lanterns, apple bobbling, visiting haunted houses, telling scary stories or watching horror films.

Now, we want to know something about you...

dilluns, 8 de setembre de 2014

What was the best moment of your holidays?

(Did you go to the beach? Did you hike through the mountains? Did you eat an awesome ice cream?...)

3, 2, 1... ANSWER!